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Clients of Military MIND Academy take advantage of an outstanding and unique combination of benefits. Few of the important payoffs that accrue are “SOCCER” and these are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to have Military MIND Academy as your automatic partner of choice for all your psychological training solutions. Experience does matter after all!!!

SUSTAINABLE As catalysts of change , our unique psychological training methods help protect those working in a highly demanding environment to reduce “psychological risks ’’ and empower personnel  to progressively  increase competencies and skills  over a period of time.

ORGANISATION ORIENTED We train personnel to integrate their aspirations and goals with that of the organization. By developing personnel through human factor engineering, we build capacities to increase performance of teams and synergize efforts in organizational goals.

COMMITED & COMPETENT We are annually interacting and in consultation with eminent psychologists across the globe to keep pace with best practices in the field; we train ourselves to cater for futuristic requirements and are deeply committed to developing optimal solutions.

COST EFFECTIVE Cost to performance ratio is a crucial factor while selecting the ideal training partner. Our training standards are designed at facilitating   your personnel and reduce overall training costs while optimizing their performance to ensure operational readiness.

EXPERIENCED Having combat experience in military operations and serving in High Risk Missions is experiential learning at its best. Serving as the only uniformed Psychologist and Instructor in many premier Military Training Institutions in India is the icing on the cake.

RELIABLE In line with the highest standards and ethos of military traditions, we strive to achieve excellence in transfer of learning to target population. Our, sincerity and commitment precedes our training which makes us our clients natural choice of long term training partner.

We provide customized solutions to your learning & development needs using Scientific and proven techniques based on sound principles of cognitive- behavioral psychology and well established military & management practices using ADDIE model of training integrated with competency framework for personal and professional growth.

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