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By working closely with children in a controlled and conducive learning environment, psychologists can quickly understand which developmental tasks and skills gaps are most pressing and which learning programs can help close them for holistic development of the child. While there will never be a “silver bullet” solution to identify the most pressing developmental tasks for young children and soft skills to train for, learning platforms like CHILD WARMCAMP ( Children Holistic and Integrated Learning Development Workshop And Roving Mezzanine Conference of Applied Military Psychology) is a brain child of Lt Col Dr Samir Rawat who has had  distinction of being the first psychologist and Instructor Class ‘A’ at the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA), Khadakwasla, the cradle of military leadership in India, can facilitate parents and their children in improve how they measure skills gaps and benchmark them against peers from across the globe through best practices in child development .

On concerted demand from parents, 2019 is the breakout year for child development at Military MIND Academy, Pune. As modern methods in child development evolves, we see an imminent shift in the methods, focus, and influence of professionals with child learning and development responsibilities of all stakeholders, including parents who need to be sensitized and provided the necessary competencies in appropriate parenting styles for military grooming, experiential learning, character, temperament and personality development. Foundational efforts like soft skills and developmental tasks training, as well as scaling learning holistically will remain important in today’s context, but they will no longer take up the majority of a parent’s time in understanding holistic  developmental needs of their child. As a result, professionally trained psychologists are now able to shift focus to have an even bigger impact on child development. Parents are increasingly looking towards psychologists  to provide the much needed support in facilitating learning and development initiatives, including social, cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual as well as technological, and ensuring their children are able to perform the expected developmental tasks and skills in their present stage of development and preparing them for tomorrow as future leaders of 2050.

Psychologists at Military MIND Academy, Pune have never been in a better position to facilitate opportunities of learning and behaviour modification as well as a disciplined and structured routine through habit formation at a young age to increase engagement and create as well as strengthen character, espoused values and a culture of learning among children. Based on our interaction with parents and their demand for inculcating best practices in grooming children using the military training model, we explored our competencies and experiential learning in the test bed of the military environment. What did we find? Learning parents finally have the inclination and influence to spend more effort, time and resources closing skill gaps while exploring learner engagement tactics to tap into the potential of developing young children and optimising their potential to become whatever they are capable of becoming.


With a vision to create a truly inspirational learning culture across the entire young generation of future leaders of 2050, Military MIND Academy is investing in learning and development initiatives to empower future leaders to learn what they need, when they need it, and evolve as better human beings and leaders with character and espoused values ingrained by military grooming at various developmental stages in their formative years using best practices.

Know your child – Boost Engagement

Even very young children today are getting extremely tech savvy with increasing digital footprints (and dependent on devices) and the challenge is to figure out what levers to pull to inspire motivational learning. Get this right and you’ll encourage cross-generational collaboration and participation, while nurturing the young generation of 18 month to 6year olds to be better leaders of tomorrow.

Today it’s imperative for parents to tap into the potential—and preferences—of their children. This means that social, cognitive, emotional, physical, technological as well as spiritual involvement, and self-directed learning opportunities will increase engagement, particularly with i generation children born in this decade.

Discover how educated parents like you:

  • Leverage increased influence and idealised consideration by customising learning and developmental ( LD ) needs in inculcating disciplined lifestyle through habit formation and positive attitude of military grooming
  • Proactively synergise in  identifying, assessing, and closing skills gaps and deficits
  • Embrace a child centric mindset to increase learner engagement among target population faced with decreasing shelf life of skills which requires them to constantly upgrade themselves and keep pace with the dynamic and VUCA environment of the future (engage in a range of activities that include physical ,cognitive ,social , moral and character  development )
  • Create learning opportunities for the child  to enable them to optimise their potential in becoming future leaders in diverse fields
  • Paving the way for nurturing holistic development of children
  • Transformational Learning by fuelling the ability to scale learning and development

 For children, it’s easy to search and find the best learning content to upskill when and where required all in one integrated experiential learning under the tutelage of Lt Col Dr Samir Rawat and his specialised team of psychologists’. Welcome to the Military MIND Academy where the focus of customised training, among others, would include:

  • Self Awareness and self concept training
  • Modifying and moulding temperament to include dealing with emotional and perceptual  sensitivity, energy levels, irritability, distractibility and mood
  • Progressive change in behaviour and abilities
  • Enhancing Motor Skills and Kinaesthetic Sensitivity for physical development
  • Emotional development in understanding and relating to self as well as understanding and relating to others ; strengthening emotional bonds with parents and among themselves
  • Appropriate parenting styles , modelling behaviour , effective parenting and communication with children , reparenting ,discipline and positive reinforcement
  • Cognitive development and shaping the mind with meaningful interactions and nurturing relationships
  • Intellectual development and thinking abilities with language learning and usage
  • Effective child discipline that is consistent ,humane ,encouraging and respectful
  • Ensuring secure attachments and affectional needs met to ensure later capacity to experience warm and loving relationships.

Recommended duration of 10/20/30 days Residential Training in Pune /New Delhi /Bangalore.

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