Military MIND Academy, India is an unaided, not for profit, soldier centric learning and development institution for enabling and supporting best practices in facilitating soldiers achieve organisational objectives, mission accomplishment, enhanced performance and personal as well as professional growth. It is committed to enhancing quality of life of the vibrant and diverse military community, and creating a rewarding work and learning environment by providing military leadership with psychological know how and information to aid decisions and secure the mental health and mental combat readiness of soldiers.

Military MIND Academy is a consortium of highly committed and competent team of professionals from FIRST COURSE, National Defence Academy (NDA) to the FIRST Psychologist in NDA, as well as in military uniform in the country. We have been “Cradled in the business of Transformational Leadership” with experiential learning acquired during active combat  soldiering  in 1962, 1965 & 1971 wars ,  military operations in  Siachen Glacier, CI &CT  in J&K  and Punjab as well as Kargil conflict  and military deployment post attack on Indian Parliament  by state sponsored terrorists from across the border . We are based out of Pune and work Pan India and abroad in Military, Police, Central Armed Police Force (CAPF), Paramilitary Forces (PMF), Corporate, Civil Services, Academic and Management Training Institutions.


Given that, nowadays, joint military operations striving for world peace are conducted in a multinational, multicultural environment, Military MIND Academy has opened its doors for psychology students from friendly foreign countries from all over the world. Military MIND Academy is based out of Pune and works all over India and abroad; it is a member of the prestigious International Military Testing Association which is a world body of military psychologists .


Mission Statement – “To be a global benchmark in creating value, inspiring and making a difference in soldier centric learning and development initiatives that enrich their QWL, continually equip , enhance and build capacity across the spectrum of their personal and professional lives through education, training, behaviour research, high performance optimisation and leadership development; in so doing, Military MIND Academy seeks to create, transform and mobilise psychological resources worldwide and be an automatic partner of choice in providing psychological training solutions and leadership development in service of the military community and in accordance with the highest professional standards that measurably support goal-focused priorities and objectives for military as an institution and soldiers who are its backbone”.

Areas where Military MIND Academy is committed:

  • Psychometrics, research and publication that is soldier centric and translates into benefits for the soldier.
  • Soldier Training and Development through our shared knowledge, experiential learning and expertise; we act as a catalyst for change, development and improvement right from recruitment /selection, training and transition to retirement.
  • Stabilizing Home front for the Soldier
  • Enhancing Morale & Self Esteem of uniformed personnel
  • Preventive and Promotive mental health care by providing psychological support to ensure soldier readiness
  • Leadership development and Soft Skills
  • Stress optimization for Combat Readiness and Minimizing psychological casualties in military operations , Dealing with Trauma, CSR/PTSD
  • Family issues, Marital Therapy
  • Mainstreaming & Rehabilitation of Injured Soldiers
  • Military Psychology, Counselling , learning and development initiatives
  • Enhancing quality of life of its vibrant and diverse military community, and creating a rewarding work and learning environment by providing innovative, flexible and practical solutions to meet soldier requirements in their individual, institutional and organizational context.
  • Training of Military Personnel from Army, Navy, Special Forces, Commandos, Police and Para Military Forces (PMF) across verticals from recruits, cadets to NCO’s, Officers, Commanding Officers to Admirals and their spouses.
  • Learning and development initiatives for students of Psychology to introduce them to Military psychology as an area of study
  • Conduct different short and long term military psychology and counselling courses for military’ personnel and students of psychology. Through academic activity, we seek to contribute to the creation of an International military scientific community that works towards outcomes with tangible benefits for the soldier.
  • Soft skills training for military personnel and their families, Counseling, behavior modification and holistic development
  • Active participation in International Military Psychology Conferences like IMTA, IAMPS and WARMCAMP for shared learning and inculcating best practices.

PoC – Lt. Col Dr Samir Rawat,
Combat Veteran, Mention-in-Dispatches (Kargil),
Chief Operating Psychologist,
Military MIND Academy, India

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