• Working spouses / concerns about children /aging parents
  • Adolescents for  Adjustment issues
  • Marital  issues / family dysfunction & relationships
  • Midlife crisis  & Career transitions
  • Emotions/Stress management
  • Health Counselling &Balanced way of life
  •  Crisis Interventions & Disaster management
  • Suicidal tendencies& coping with extreme, unwanted stress
  • Grief/bereavement/guilt & dealing with trauma – leading from PTSD to Post Traumatic Growth (PTG).

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT (AMC) – AMC for Individuals in Units??

If  one can spend so much on AMC of appliances at home for their regular check up, be it the water purifier, AC, or what have you, does it not make sense to INVEST IN ONESELF/TEAM and have an AMC of one’s psychological mental health and well being?  Based on principles of positive psychology and preventive/promotive healthcare, this ensures that if you are good, then you and your team get better to face challenges in today’s demanding and fast paced life at work and at home. Sessions spaced at regular intervals to rejuvenate your lifestyle through wellness management techniques, catharsis and behavioral interventions.

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